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Here we go again

This is the street I take leaving school each day. In three months, Ill take it one last time on my way out of Korea.

This is the street I take leaving school each day. In three months, I'll take it one last time on my way out of Korea.

It’s done. I’m officially leaving Korea at the end of August. I told my co-teacher, and it was a much calmer event than I had anticipated considering my co-teacher’s general anxiety and proclivity for histrionics. It still wasn’t any less awkward than I imagined, though. I don’t leave for another three months, but my co-teacher essentially forced me and my other co-teacher to talk to her so that we could get to know each other — almost three months into the job. It was clear to me that the other co-teacher didn’t want to chit-chat all that much since she actually wanted to finish her work. Awkward.

Anyway, if the renewal discussion had come up last week, my life would be completely different. I was pretty set on staying for another year, but then something — I’m not quite sure what — happened over the weekend, and doubt quickly took over. In the end, the fact I wasn’t completely sold on Korea meant I shouldn’t commit to another full year. The worst thing that could happen is I go home, dink around, run out of money and come back. I could fly back here at the drop of a hat. It’s nuts when I really think about it.

It’s very liberating to have this decision finalized, but it’s a little nerve-wracking not knowing what’s coming next. It’s much easier to deal, though, because I have no deadlines or expectations to meet at this point. Except for a couple of bills, I’m free of responsibilities and can fly as far as my money will take me. I could dink around Asia a bit before I head home, where I will definitely bounce around the country. Right now, I’m taking any ideas I can get. I’m nervous, but I think it’s the good kind of nervous.

See you stateside.


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Where the hell is Matt?

I don’t think there’s any way to watch this video and not have a smile take over your face.

I couldn’t get enough. The concept is so simple, and everyone should be able to relate at some level. I find it inspiring. As uplifting as it was to see everyone come together simply to dance, I was fascinated by all the locales and everything that wasn’t shown. The video was of one man dancing with a countless number of people, but I could only imagine all the different cultures and ideas these people — and the environment around him — brought to Matt.

Some people might play it off as a silly video, but I feel like if I enjoyed it and thought about it that much, it might mean something more for me. It might mean that the prospect of becoming a vagabond for a while to soak in everything the world has to offer might be right for me.

At least for now and the short future — which is all that matters right now.

Only 36 more days.

[from Where The Hell Is Matt?]

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