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Tweet Tweet

The Internet is a huge place. I still don’t get how most of it works, and I can easily get caught up reading various things on the Web for hours. I know it really isn’t that tough, but I suppose I’m just a curious creature whose attention can be held by essentially any news source.

I’m trying to become a little more involved in this whole Internet thing through blogging. I’m working on it, but it feels like the writing style continues to escape me. I’ve been writing about myself for more than five years now, but this seems like a different venture. Obviously, I can’t write with anyone else’s voice, but I don’t feel like I “get” blogging quite yet. Blogs always seem to have a niche and an audience. I haven’t quite determined mine, yet, but I want one. That’s a start, right?

Anyway, I’ve also jumped onto Twitter, a micro-blogging tool quite similar to the status feature on Facebook. Like the leap from my previous journal adventures to this project, the transition from Facebook statuses to Twitter “tweets” is a work in progress. I think the biggest difference from my previous endeavors to my current aspirations is the method of networking.

Facebook and LiveJournal seem to face inward in that they seem to be communities within themselves. The authors on these platforms know exactly who their readers are and seem to cater accordingly. Twitter and broader blogging platforms, such as WordPress, tend to reach out to strangers more — especially with trackbacks and pingbacks, two things I’m still trying to figure out. This is all an exciting prospect to me.

I’m ready for a new audience and new people, but I’m still learning exactly how to do that. I’m looking for all the help I can get.

You can follow me on Twitter at http://twitter.com/danielthai.

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