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Where the hell is Matt?

I don’t think there’s any way to watch this video and not have a smile take over your face.

I couldn’t get enough. The concept is so simple, and everyone should be able to relate at some level. I find it inspiring. As uplifting as it was to see everyone come together simply to dance, I was fascinated by all the locales and everything that wasn’t shown. The video was of one man dancing with a countless number of people, but I could only imagine all the different cultures and ideas these people — and the environment around him — brought to Matt.

Some people might play it off as a silly video, but I feel like if I enjoyed it and thought about it that much, it might mean something more for me. It might mean that the prospect of becoming a vagabond for a while to soak in everything the world has to offer might be right for me.

At least for now and the short future — which is all that matters right now.

Only 36 more days.

[from Where The Hell Is Matt?]

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