When a writer gets confused

In my dedication to becoming a better blogger, I’m constantly thinking about things to write and how to convey it. In essence, I often find myself thinking in terms of blog posts, but sometimes I have too many thoughts, and I get confused. A lot. Even my (writing) voices get mixed up.

I currently have two drafts for posts I haven’t finished because my mind keeps wandering. I had a specific goal in mind when I started them, but as wrote, the subject matter steadily drifted away from my original target. In my head, a simple observation turned into a political discourse; a memory, into a pseudo-psychoanalytical self-analysis, and so forth.

I think I’ve become enthralled by the prospect of continuous writing (a good thing), and my brain wants to spew out any and every thought. Work is extremely slow, so I have too much idle time to think. (The lack of motivation after putting in my two weeks’ notice doesn’t help, either.) Without the urgency of writing quickly so I can finish other projects, I also over-think the writing itself. As a result, the writing process tends to be slow and clunky.

I also spend much of the time perusing the Internet — especially the blogosphere. The constant influx of news, information and opinions combined with a wandering mind results in convoluted thoughts and consequently convoluted writing. My head is starting to hurt. Seriously.

Does this happen to anyone else? How do you organize your thoughts and ideas in times like this?


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5 responses to “When a writer gets confused

  1. It’s true, when I blog I also get so many ideas and they take time to be developed. Since I have so many ideas, I have a file of writing themes where I can go to when I need ideas for something to blog on. I try to include a picture on each of my blogs but it doesn’t always work that way. I also like to share links if I can. I’m not on anyone’s time table but my own but I don’t like to let pass more than two days without a new entry, something that hasn’t worked out in the last two weeks for some reason. Good luck with your blogging!!

  2. 100% understand. The thoughts are all jumbled in my head, and there are so many of them that writing it all out gets difficult. I find it hard to pace myself without just blurting out exactly the way it sounds in my head. It’s hard to try to communicate in a way that you hope will connect to the reader and get out all you wanted to say.

  3. @clary: I think my drafts folder is quickly becoming my “writing themes” file. It definitely makes sense, though, that if a story doesn’t pan out in a couple weeks, then it probably needs to go. Regarding photos, I’m a bit of a creative control freak, so as much as I’d like to have photos for every post, I’d like them to be my own. Maybe I’ll get to the point where I have interesting photos to share (i.e. once I move), or maybe I’ll just have to let go of my neurotic dislike for stock photography.

    Sharing links is one of the causes of my problems. As soon as I start researching links to share, I click a link related to that one, and then another one, and then I end up losing my original train of thought. I just have to find a way to be more organized. Haha.

    @Anna: I hate it most when I think I have a great idea and then after writing it, I find that it doesn’t sound good at all. That transition from the brain to the keyboard is a bit scrambled sometimes depending on the day. The key for me is to stay very focused and specific, and my point will eventually figure itself out.

  4. Anthony

    I often find that I have the greatest thing to write, only to mentally crap out when I finally get to writing anything. So until I gather my thoughts again, I leave the post blank.

  5. I usually write a draft on paper then type it up. As I type it up, i begin to edit out useless parts. Over time you just get and you’re able to focus your writing more. But i also have internet add and that i cant help with as in my other window is the blog put that should have gone up an hour ago….

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