Mail Forwarding to…Everywhere?

With this whole dashing around the world thing comes planning out the logistics of some very mundane errands, including, but not limited to, banking, selling unnecessary things, and forwarding mail. The first two will be pretty easy; the third is a bit more complicated. The difficulties arise because I have mail sent to my school address as well as some to my parents’ address, but I don’t want my mail forwarded all the way to South Korea (which is a difficulty in itself since I don’t even know my future address, yet).

But now there’s a way to forward my mail to me online, making my mail accessible anywhere in the world. With Earth Class Mail, I can forward all my mail to a centralized mail-sorting center where they scan my mail and let me decide whether to scan its contents or to recycle it. I still don’t completely understand the process, but it does seem like a competent solution to getting important mail in a timely, efficient and cost-effective manner. I think the way it would work for me is that I’d just forward my mail from school to my home address and on to my Earth Class Mail P.O. box. The service starts at $9.95 a month, but that seems like a small price to pay for someone who might be without a permanent address for a while.

Does anyone have any experience with this service?

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3 responses to “Mail Forwarding to…Everywhere?

  1. Thanks for mentioning the mail service that scans your incoming material. I travel constantly and this might be a great option. Be safe and enjoy the voyages.

  2. Full disclosure: I’m the Earth Class Mail PR guy.
    However, in an attempt to convince you this is not shameless marketing, I’m only going to send you links to two recent unsolicited reviews from fellow bloggers. I will say nothing more.

  3. Nipper

    I have not used Earth Class Mail, but I have used Bongo International. Their service is excellent! They communicate great, which is an issue from OZ. I do mostly package shipments, rather than mail. However, they have a great imaging service for mail and packages if you want to see your freight/mail prior to shipping.

    Their site is

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