Drawing Hands

This is the first post in a series of posts detailing the thought process behind creating this blog.

The term “blog” is quite vague. Its roots, a portmanteau of “Web” and “blog,” describe it as just that — a log of Web sites one has visited. Nowadays, in this age of Web 2.0, everyone has access not only to reading but also to writing content on the Internet. As a result, the range of blog subjects has expanded to pretty much anything and everything: gizmos and gadgets, sports, travel, and politics are some of the obvious targets.

The most obvious subject, though, is the self. This is the inherent beauty (or flaw) of blogging. This is the treacherous line that defines a blog. A constant inner monologue without any context serves no purpose to any reader. A “personal” journal is fine and dandy, but what’s the point of publishing it online? As a writer, there’s always some sort of subconscious need for external validation from an audience.

This is where my dilemma starts. I’ve never really been one to cater to an audience in these situations, but the creation of this new blog/journal/project — not coincidentally — correlates with a new chapter in my life. I’m not sure if that should or will be the focus of this. I follow several blogs, most of which tightly focus on a clear subject matter. This journal will be clearly be about my life and the things around me, but how do I write about me?

I have a vague idea of who might be following this journey, but I have to take into account those whom I’ve never met and will never meet. I have to find a way to balance the interests of the familiar readers, the curious strangers, and myself. Maybe I’m just thinking too hard about this. I have a feeling that — like everything else I’ve done thus far — this will flesh itself out into something I like.

I have a tendency — despite my unconscious and best efforts otherwise — to land on my feet.

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